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Specialty Products / Body Shop Formulations

Brake Cleaner(Quick drying solvent used to clean automotive brakes.)

Clay Activator 22 – (Paint safe lubricant and body clay activator for correcting painted surfaces.)

Dust Buster – (User friendly formulation for dust control in paint booths.)

Flash Rust Inhibitor – (Additive for wet seal blasting. Temporarily prevents floor rust.)

Go Green - (Wipe down solution for paint/body shops. A “Green” water based formulation.)

Graffiti Remover –(Aerosol package for convenience.)

IPA – (Isopropyl Alcohol 99%)

Methanol – (Specialty alcohol for specialty cleaning.)

Phase II Liquid Over-(Spray Masking – User-friendly, non-hazardous, quick rinsing overspray protection.)

Power Clean Parts Washer – (Industrial powder for automatic parts washer cabinets.)

Rainy Night – (Windshield washer solution that enhances clear vision on rainy nights.)

Release Agent – (Liquid overspray protectant. Zero VOC.)

Rust Remover – (Phosphoric acid soak.)

Satin Gloss – (Body shop safe rubber and vinyl dressing.)

Stainless Steel Polish – (Wipe-on liquid for

commercial kitchen hardware and equipment.) 

Tar Baby – (Quick action tar remover with D’Limonene.)

WT 109 – (Highly dilutable windshield solvent that beads


WWC –(Blue windshield washer concentrate for lube shops and automotive garages. Use ¾ cup to 50 gallons of water.)

Hand Cleaners

Blue Sweet Hand Soap – To be dispensed near lavatories or industrial sinks for gentle hand cleaning. Formulated to accommodate the addition of household IPA (rubbing alcohol) for sanitary cleansing of hands.

Commercial Green Hand Cleaner – A pleasant scented gritty paste with lanolin.

Lazer Pink Hand Cleaner – Sweet scented gel for tough cleaning of hands. Can be used without water rinsing if preferred.

Quick Wash – Liquid hand soap designed for quick wash up until a heavy duty pumice hand cleaner is used.

Snow White – Fluffy smooth cream hand cleaner without pumice. Can be used with or without water. Works great on logging grime such as pine tree sap.

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