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About Us

Clark & Co. has been diligently serving the greater Southeast Texas region since 1992. We don't claim to be smarter than the other guy, but we try very hard to make sure our products save our customers either time, money, or both. Throughout the years we have learned from our customers what does and doesn't work in the industry. We heed this advice, then grow and adapt with the gained wisdom. The outcome is a finely tuned product base delivering our customer great returns on their investment. We have not stopped learning nor will we ever since this is an ever-evolving industry. At the end of the day, our customers are what keeps clothes on our backs and food on the table. Our customers are the greatest!

Clark & Co. is a manufacturer of commercial/industrial chemicals. We sell our products through our distributor network, route sales, and walk-in service (call first suggested for walk-ins). We specialize in car wash chemicals for self-serve/automatic car wash systems and detail products for the novice/professional detailer. Other industries we service are body shops, car dealerships, sporting, auto repair/lube, among others.

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