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Car Wash & Final Touch

Berry Shine

Pleasantly scented wax concentrate.

Blue Citrus Carpet Shampoo

Concentrate to be mixed in self-serve shampoo machines.

Blue Magic Detergent Soap

High sudsing formulation for self-serve high pressure soap.

Eco Blue Formula 2102

High pressure soap for self-serve car washes. Excellent cleaning and suds.

Eco Foam

Tri-color foaming concentrate.

Extreme Green

Excellent road film removal. Can be used as pre-soak, high pressure soap, or manual washing.

Flux Blue

Liquid surfactant package for Super Flux systems in car washes.

Flux Green

Liquid tire cleaning surfactant package for Super Flux systems in car washes.

Foamy Brush

Non-streaking extreme foam and lubrication for brushes. Colors of choice.

Foamy Tire

Tire cleaner concentrate for self-serve car washes.

Hyper Clear Coat Plus

Protectant concentrate for full serve and self-serve car washes.

Hyper Foam Protectant

Tri-color foam that beads water.

Hyper Green Plus

Lubricating scented soil removing foam for friction washes.

IQ Detergent

Medium foam pre-soak designed for IQ Friction Automatics.

Lazer Blue Pre-Soak

Heavily built pre-soak for all washes: automatic, full serve, and self-serve.

Lazer Green

Tire cleaner concentrate for self-serve and automatic car washes.

Lazer Pink Pre-Soak

Colored pre-soak for customer appeal in self-serve washes.

Lazer Red Pre-Soak

High activity of blended acids for Two-Step pre-soak in automatic car washes.

One Shot Laundry Detergent

Vinegar base for window towels in full serve washes.

Quat 44

Wax and long term protectant to be injected in automatic, self-serve, and full serve washes.

Quick Dry

Drying agent plus protectant.

Rain Dancer

Polymer based liquid long-term protectant for automatic and full serve car washes.

Red Pre-Soak

Colored surfactant for presoak in Super Flux Systems.

Super Flux Powder

100% active compound to be used with the Super Flux system in car washes.

Super Tuff

Very aggressive formulation for tires and wheels and bugs for car washes. Highly dilutable.

Sweet Soap

High foam additive for Super Flux System. Concentrated fragrance for customer appeal.

Tire Cleaner Twin Pack

Two 5-gallon pails makes 30 gallons of Tire Cleaner Concentrate for self-serve car washes.

Triple Shine Protectant

High foaming colored protectant.

Wet Lube 207

Non-sliming brush lubrication and lather for friction tunnel car washes.

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