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Marshland Insect Repellent

User friendly long lasting aerosol.

The Outdoorsman's Choice.

This specialty formulation is long lasting and provides the ultimate protection to repel mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks and biting fleas. It is resistant to rain and perspiration and dries on skin without an oily feel. We have even built our packaging with the outdoors in mind so it will function upside down or in freezing weather. 

Those who know... Trust Marshland.

·       Special Long Lasting Formula For Ultimate Protection

·       Effective On More Than 300 Species of Mosquitoes

·       Dries On Skin, Not Oily

·       Resistant to Rain and Perspiration

·       Less Offensive Odor to Scare Wild Game

·       Not As Obstructive To Retrievers Sense Of Smell

·       Container Will Function Upside Down And In Freezing Weather

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