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Car Wash Formulations & Automotive Detailing

Clark Chemicals is one of the leading Automotive Chemical Companies that manufacture a complete line of Tunnel, Rollover, Express, and Self Serve car wash chemicals. Clark Chemicals also manufactures a complete line of Automotive and Reconditioning chemicals for the Car Care Professional.


Clark Chemicals is a home grown local business and innovator in the car care industry. We ensure quality products, order accuracy, and a quick response time. Clark Chemicals has a long-standing commitment to bringing exciting new products to the market place. Our Research and Development department not only create innovative chemical formulations, but also perform Quality Analysis where all products are subjected to rigorous standards followed by extensive field testing by qualified, Industrial professionals. This system ensures that our customers receive consistent quality products manufactured to exact industry proven specifications.


We understand that our customer’s needs, expectations and car wash equipment are constantly evolving.  This is why we are continually developing new chemistry to maintain our cutting-edge technology.

Our products are available in a variety of quantities, ranging from 1 gallon containers to 275 gallon totes.



Commercial Green

(Multi-functional cleaner.  Safe for all surfaces.)

Purple D

(Easy rinse degreaser and cleaner for floors and other hard surfaces.)


(Alkaline mixture formulated for degreasing hard surfaces.)


(Highly alkaline formula concentrate for steam cleaning, concrete, restaurant vent hoods, etc.)

Auto Wash

CE-702 Quick Rinse

(High Foam, quick rinsing, cherry scented car wash soap.)

Ultra Gold True Wax

(Hand wash formulation that really beads water for months.)

Hog Wash

(A specialized formulation to remove road film from motorcycles without streaking.)

Carpet Shampoos

Commercial Green

(Multi-functional cleaner that will practically take any stain out.)

Sani Gold Xtract

(Deodorizing low foam carpet cleaner made for extraction machines but not limited to.)

Fast and Foamy

(Aerosol high foam concentrate.)

Carpet Dye

(Aerosol cans of easy-to-use dyes.)


Tire Dressing

Blue Luster

(Our premium oil based dressing. It will give you that mirror shine.)

Pink Lady

(Solvent Based high gloss tire dressing.)

Cinnamon Gloss

(Scented oil based tire and vinyl dressing.)

Magic Dressing

(Viscous water based rubber and vinyl dressing and protectant.)

White Luster

(water based dressing for all vinyl, rubber, and washed engines.)

Excel Tire Shine

(Body Shop paint safe non-greasy concentrate used in high volume detail shops.)


All fragrances are concentrated and come in quart or gallon sizes. Oil or water based available

Very Cherry


Natural Berry 


Baby Powder

Country Vanilla

New Car

Tropical Coconut


Cinnamon Nice


Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

(RTU liquid for streak free cleaning of glass.)

Glass Cleaner Aerosol

(High foaming streak free aerosol for glass and windows.)

Glass Concentrate

(Glass cleaning concentrate to be diluted for economy in full serve car washes.)

Foamy Glass

(Scented liquid cleaner for removing tobacco stains and film from glass.)

Interior Dressing

PROTECH Leather Treatment

(Made with 100% imported sheep’s wool lanolin.)

White Luster

(Water based dressing for all vinyl, rubber, and washed engines.)

Magic Dress

(Viscous water based rubber and vinyl dressing and protectant.)

Falcon Blue

(Multi-purpose concentrate for cleaning automotive interiors.)


CE-38 Acid Brite

(Acid wash for wire spoke and chrome wheels.)

CE-48 All Brite

(Acid concentrate for car wash walls and equipment. Brightens aluminum diluted 10:1.)

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