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Cleaners & Degreasers


Highly alkaline formula concentrate for steam cleaning, concrete, restaurant vent hoods, etc.

Brown Blaster

Aggressive concentrate for high pressure cleaning.

CE-635 Industrial Detergent

Alkaline mixture formulated for degreasing hard surfaces.

Cinnamon Soap

Oilfield rig wash, laundry booster in oil based mud environments.

Citra Solv

Citrus D’Limonene formulation for “green” EPA friendly solvent cleaning.

Commercial Green

Multi-functional concentrate for safe multi-purpose cleaning.

Concrete Cleaner

Powder used to clean tough soils on concrete.

Concrete Prep 225

Non-corrosive acid cleaner that removes rust stains from concrete, patios, parking lots and driveways.



Water rinseable solvent to safely remove grease and cosmoline from delicate surfaces.

Foaming Bleach

Formulation is designed to co-mingle with foaming degreasers to enhance foam clinging and sanitary cleaning.

Industrial Brown

Aggressive alkaline degreaser.

Kitchen Blend Purple “D”

Built with Purple “D” technology. For degreasing commercial kitchens.

Maxi Green

New technology “Green” high pressure degreasing.

Modified D’Limonene

Safe solvent for cleaning grease and oil. Readily rinses with water.


Non-phosphate cleaner/degreaser for painted concrete floors.

Purple D-19

Easy rinse degreaser and cleaner for floors and other hard surfaces.

Purple Master

Super concentrate for multi-purpose cleaning. Highly dilutible.

Smokehouse Blitz

Designed to be foamed on smokehouse walls to remove charred food greases and smoke stains.

Orange D

Additive to control odors in sewer lines.

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